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In the vibrant town of Kingston, Ontario, in 1988, a young man named Shafiq embarked on a journey that would define his life. He started his career humbly, working as a waiter at "Curry Original," a well-loved Indian restaurant. The moment Shafiq stepped into the aromatic, spice-filled atmosphere of the restaurant, something inside him ignited.


Shafiq wasn't content just serving food; he was fascinated by how the chefs transformed simple ingredients into mouth-watering dishes. The air was always filled with the tantalizing scents of cumin, turmeric, and cardamom, spices that seemed to possess a magical ability to change the essence of a dish with just a pinch. Intrigued, Shafiq would spend his breaks lingering in the kitchen, eyes wide with wonder as he watched the chefs at work. They noticed his curiosity and began to let him sample their creations, explaining the art of balancing flavors.


Years passed, and Shafiq's passion for cooking grew stronger. He dreamed of creating his own culinary haven. In 1991, he took a bold step and moved to Toronto, a city brimming with opportunities and diverse cultures. There, he opened his first restaurant, "Moghul Garden." It wasn't long before "Moghul Garden" became a beloved spot for food enthusiasts. Shafiq's unique blend of traditional Indian recipes with his own creative twists captivated his customers. The restaurant thrived, becoming a testament to Shafiq's dedication and skill.



As time went on, Shafiq's family began to grow, and he yearned for a place where he could balance his love for cooking with raising his children. In 1997, he found that perfect place in Peterborough, a city known for its friendly community and peaceful lifestyle. Here, Shafiq opened "Curry Village," a heartfelt tribute to "Curry Original," where his journey had begun. "Curry Village" quickly became a community favorite, known for its welcoming atmosphere and delectable dishes.


By 2005, Shafiq felt it was time to start a new chapter. He entrusted "Curry Village" to the capable hands of his brother, ensuring that the restaurant's legacy would continue. With renewed energy and a fresh vision, Shafiq opened "Shafiq's Taste of India," his latest culinary venture in Peterborough. This new restaurant became a reflection of everything he had learned over the years, blending the rich, diverse flavors of Indian cuisine with his personal touch.



Throughout his journey, Shafiq made countless friends and created cherished memories with his loyal customers. They weren't just patrons; they were part of Shafiq's extended family, supporting him through every twist and turn of his story. Today, Shafiq continues to run "Shafiq's Taste of India," sharing his passion for cooking with every dish he serves.

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